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Learn Local

Wheeling University's Learn Local Program for Commuters

Making West Virginia’s #1 university more affordable!

With the announcement of the Learn Local Program, commuter students will now have access to West Virginia’s number one university and an incredible opportunity at Wheeling University. With out-of-pocket cost similar to regional public institutions, this program allows students in the region to make their college decision on academic quality and outcomes
rather than price. Students in the 12 counties listed below are now eligible for an affordable tuition rate of $12,000* (traditional commuter rate with fees is $29,290) per year.

For more information, those residing in the following counties should contact the individual noted below:

Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio and Wetzel in WV
Jessica Holubeck | | 304-243-2069

Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Jefferson and Monroe in OH
Byron Mayers | | 304-243-2404

Greene/Washington in PA
Mary Meiman | | 304-243-2318

Transfer Students (within counties listed above)
Jennifer Board | | 304-243-2089

Student athletes are not eligible for this program.