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Complaints That Fall Outside the Realm of Due Process

The public or any stakeholder of the Wheeling University (WU) Department of Physical Therapy has the right to file a complaint and receive due process.  According to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) standards, this is referred to as a “complaint which falls outside the realm of due process.”  The WU Department of Physical Therapy encourages any individual who has such a complaint with their experience or encounter with any student, faculty or staff member of the WU Physical Therapy Department to file a written complaint.  The WU Department of Physical Therapy takes all program-related complaints seriously and will act upon any complaint in an expedient manner.  Once a complaint has been made, the WU Department of Physical Therapy Program Director will gather information and address the complaint.  Any complaint and documentation associated with the resolution of “complaints which fall outside the realm of due process” will be kept on file in the WU Department of Physical Therapy Program Director’s files for a period of one year. 

Complaints by students, faculty, or staff as part of the normal operation of the WU Department of Physical Therapy will follow individual and respective policies and procedures outlined in the Student or Faculty handbooks and according to the WU Human Resources policies. 

The formal policies and procedures are outlined in the following documents: 

  • Wheeling University Program Policy and Procedure Manual  p.23:  7.2 Grievance Procedures  
  • POLICY: See WU Faculty Handbook, Due Process (Section 13.0).  Also, in the WU DPT Student Handbook, Department’s Grievance Procedure (Section 2.28.1)  

7.2.1 PROCEDURE: If the complaint or concern falls into the possibility of a formal complain to the Program’s accrediting body, contacts the APTA’s Department of Accreditation to discuss the nature of the complaints and to determine what procedures should be taken.  This department can be reached at 703-706-3245 or emailed at  

A complaints which falls outside the realm of due process should be addressed to: 

Wheeling University 
Department of Physical Therapy 
Attn:  Program Director 
Ignatius Hall 
316 Washington Avenue 
Wheeling, WV  26003