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Student Life

Living on Campus

We designed our Residence Life program to contribute to the development of the residential students by creating a positive living and learning environment. We are continually creating and enhancing programs directed towards educating the student by offering supportive services and dynamic programming opportunities.

Our Director of Residence Life, Area Coordinator and Graduate Assistants along with Resident Assistants (student staff) will offer assistance in the transition to campus to form friendships with other floor members and encourage participation in floor/campus programs. Our residence halls are just one element of the student life experience, but a key element that we invite you to explore!  

Housing Information

Building preferences

When applying for housing you will be asked about your building preferences. First year females live in Kirby Hall and first year males live in McHugh Hall. These spaces will be offered based on when housing applications are completed/submitted. Our goal is to have an accommodating environment for our first year students. Check out our residence halls to determine your preferences.

Summer Housing

Housing options are available for students who are participating in authorized internships approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, students who are enrolled in a minimum of one three credit summer course and students who are employed full time with an on-campus job. 

Students who do not meet one of the above criteria will not be eligible for summer housing.

Summer Housing Rates

The rate for Summer Housing is $125 for the week or $2000 for the full summer.

  • You will be sharing a room with other students.
  • These prices do not include meals, linens, toiletries, or cleaning supplies.
  • This rate will be charged as long as your belongings are in the room and/or your key is not returned to the Office of Residence Life.