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Admissions & Aid

Test-Optional Policy

Wheeling University recognizes that often strong academic talent and potential may not be readily reflected in standardized test scores. Students who perform well inside the classroom and demonstrate strong involvement and character outside of it are frequently just as likely to be successful in college. As a result, Wheeling University is pleased to offer a test-optional policy

The SAT and ACT are designed to help measure a student’s aptitude for higher education learning. But at Wheeling University, we emphasize welcoming motivated students who will commit to being an active participant in their education and who will thrive in a highly individualized learning environment—and standardized tests don’t always reflect the true potential of these students.

That’s why we give you a choice:

  • Apply with your SAT or ACT composite scores. We will consider these scores in addition to evaluating your application holistically.
  • Apply test optional. We will consider your high school grade point average, strength of curriculum, academic and personal achievements.