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COVID 19 NCAA Division II Administrative Committee Actions – FAQs

March 19

This document will continue to be updated as the NCAA Division II Administrative Committee makes decisions, takes action, and when additional guidance is received from the NCAA Academic & Membership Affairs Staff.

Q: If a student-athlete or student remains on campus, can they access university facilities for voluntary work-outs?
A: Yes, as long as the facilities are open. Institutions will need to make decisions that best align with CDC recommendations and insurance policy restrictions. The intent of many school transitions to online courses was to decrease the number of students on campus and any large congregations of people. However, if student-athletes or students remain on campus, there is no MEC restriction on what they can do on their own as long as it is not Countable Athletically Related Activity.

Q: Can we provide meals and housing to student-athletes when classes have shifted online?
A: Yes. When in doubt, take care of your student-athletes. That has been emphasized in almost every communication from DII Staff and the most recent communication from the Administrative Committee.

Q: Can we pay for expenses and/or transport someone home?
A: Yes. Institutions have received guidance that this was permissible in addition to the reiteration from DII staff emails: “We encourage you to make decisions and act in the best interest of your student-athletes and communities. Conferences and institutions should not be 
concerned about the application of NCAA legislation when decisions are being made in response to COVID-19.”

Q: Do I need to file a waiver for sport sponsorship deficiencies?
A: No, the NCAA DII Administrative Committee granted a blanket waiver for all sport sponsorship issues that arise out of spring semester suspensions/cancellations. Any issues from the fall semester would still need a waiver submitted through RSRO.

Q: Can I call, email, direct message, or text student-athletes during a dead period?
A: Yes. A Dead Period, which we are temporarily in until April 15th, only restricts in-person recruiting both off- and on-campus. This includes in-person evaluation of any athletic activity, although that would be difficult to find at this point.

Q: Can Institutional Letters of Intent be signed during the NLI Suspension?
A: Based on 13.9.3, Institutional Letters of Intent would be prohibited since we are not in a signing period.

Q: Can we indicate in writing that we intend to provide an offer of aid, letter of intent, etc?
A: Yes, this is still permissible per Please note that nothing can be signed by the prospect saying they are going to accept (i.e. no contract).

Q: Our conference conducts our men’s golf and women’s tennis championships in the Fall. Would those student-athletes be eligible for the 2019-20 season of competition waiver even though they already completed our championship season? Additionally, would a mid-year enrollee in those sports be eligible for the waiver if they only competed in a few
matches/rounds during the spring semester (and did not compete during the fall)?
A: Even though the conference office conducts the alternate playing season in golf and tennis, since the NCAA championship is conducted during the spring, and golf and tennis are considered spring sports, the student-athlete (SA) would be eligible for a self-applied season of competition waiver if he/she meets the criteria outlined: (1) The student-athlete used a season of competition in a spring sport during the 2019-20 academic year; (2) The student-athlete was eligible for competition when he or she competed during the 2019-20 academic year; and (3) The student-athlete’s season was ultimately canceled for reasons related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the same analysis would apply to a mid-year enrollee as well.

Q: Can you provide some guidance for the sexual violence training attestation that is due May 15th for schools that have the training scheduled for the next month? It looks like they won’t be able to meet the deadline.
A: Yes, we are tracking on this. Since this is a policy that was implemented by the BOG, they are the group that has purview to act on this. Therefore, this is on the list of items for them to discuss here soon. Once a decision has been made, we will be sure to communicate it with the membership.

Q: Requested clarification on administrative committee action item document regarding exempted aid for 20-21
A: While the initial document didn’t clarify, follow-up will, the intent is that exempted aid for 20-21 would only apply to those who would have exhausted eligibility in spring of 2020.

Q: Do the extension of eligibility waivers apply to all student-athletes who meet the criteria or only those who were in their 10th semester? Please note senior student-athletes at their 10th semester no longer need to have used a season in Spring 2020 as of the amendment to the waiver made 3/18/20. This was particularly an issue in sports that had not started play yet.
A: It would only be for those individuals who would have exhausted their terms and/or seasons after Spring 2020. Future extensions would need to be filed through RSRO at this time. ALL student-athletes that used a season in Spring 2020 do receive the season of competition waiver if they used a season, were eligible, and the season was ultimately cancelled.

Q: Is it permissible for a baseball student-athlete to participate in outside amateur competition now that the championships have been cancelled?
For example, in baseball, out of season, SAs may practice or compete on an outside, amateur baseball team per
A: If the season has been cancelled, it would be permissible for student-athletes to participate on a team against outside competition as outside competition regulations would not apply at this point. However, student-athletes are encouraged to follow public health guidelines regarding activities and gatherings.

Q: Can coaches provide instructional workouts and purchase apps for their student-athletes since it is still during the academic year?
A: These items could be provided. If the institution is still requiring student-athletes to practice, then all CARA limitations in Bylaw 17 would apply when conducting workouts.

Q: With the recent blanket waiver for COVID-19 with extension requests, per, does it still have to be applied during the next available opportunity to enroll? the next opportunity to enroll is Fall 2020. For the spring student-athletes, can they return in January 2021 if they don’t have enough classes to take for an entire academic year with this blanket waiver?
A: Student-athletes that received the extension of eligibility due to COVID-19 are permitted to enroll at any point during the 2020-21 academic year as opposed to the earliest opportunity.

Q: For campus visits, an institution is transitioning to virtual campus visits where the prospective student joins a zoom meeting and is provided the details they would normally receive during a campus visit. The question was asked that if the prospective student is also a prospective student-athlete, would it be permissible for a coach to be included on the visit?
A: The emergency legislation that was adopted was to immediately implement a dead period in all sports through at least April 15. However, institutional staff members are permitted to write or telephone a prospective student-athlete during a dead period, but cannot engage in in-person recruiting contact on or off campus. Therefore, in the situation outlined, it would be permissible for the zoom meeting to occur and for the coach to be included.

Q: With the self-applied blanket waivers, has there been any discussion on situations where the student’s courses needed for graduation would allow them to be less than full-time in both the fall and spring? In this circumstance, would it be permissible for the student to be part time both terms and participate in CARA; and if so, would it be permissible to award athletic aid in both terms?
A: This is on the list of items to be discussed in the coming weeks by the DII Administrative Committee. Once determined, this information will be communicated to the membership.

Q: Will Regional Rules be held as scheduled?
A: Regional Rules will now be held remotely. More information will be distributed as we get closer to the scheduled seminars.

Q: Will there be any relief for the Coaches Certification deadline?
A: Coaches certification deadline has been moved to August 31, 2020.

Q: Will other reporting deadlines be adjusted?
A: Yes. A blanket waiver has been issued to adjust various legislated deadlines (ISSG, Sports Sponsorship and Demographic Report, APC, ASR, Membership dues, Health & Safety Survey). NCAA staff will work with the appropriate committees or internal parties to determine those extended deadlines.

Q: If a student-athlete went part time this spring and was unable to graduate due to the COVID-19 impact, would they lose all remaining eligibility per
A: No, a blanket waiver has been issued to provide relief in these instances per March 18, 2020 email to membership.

Q: For senior student-athletes who receive a self applied season of competition waiver will this allow them to participate in the fall nonchampionship segment and the spring championship segment during the 2020-21 academic year? In addition does a clock extension provide them with both fall 2020 and spring 2021 to enroll full time and participate if spring 2020 was the 10th semester?
A: That has been clarified that the Extension of Eligibility waiver is for the 2020-21 academic year and not just the Spring 2021 semester.
Questions posed to NCAA that are awaiting response:

Q: Would a student-athlete who is eligible and receives a season of competition waiver be able to transfer to a new institution following the 2020 spring term and have the financial aid be exempted per the Administrative Committee action?
A: Waiting on response

Q: Will Administrative Committee be discussing the SAT/ACT cancellations at all?
A: Yes, we were made aware of those cancellations by our Eligibility Center staff yesterday. It is on the list, but not for this week.

Q: An institution is considering implementing pass/fail for courses, which would affect GPAs. How will this apply to PTD? Can we use the previously approved waivers for PTD?
A: Waiting on response