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Wheeling University Offers Academic Support Services to Students

April 27

Wheeling University Goes Online During Pandemic, Offers Support Services to Students

When the Coronavirus changed all of our lives in March, Wheeling University transitioned its Spring semester courses to online delivery. The University remains committed to helping its students continue learning, while remaining safe. Online learning helps Wheeling University achieve both those goals.

Tips for Students

  • Be well – The main priority is our students’ health. Students should refer to the health tips and FAQs on the WU Health Center and COVID-19 Updates on the University’s website.
  • Be prepared – Prepare for assignments and coursework in advance – this makes it easier to stay on track while learning online. Students should update their contact information and should check their WU email and any course communication tools (for example, Blackboard) for updates at least once a day.
  • Embrace integrity – Continue to embrace and adhere to the WU academic integrity policy. Please review the WU Academic Dishonesty and Integrity Policy.
  • Practice flexibility and don’t stop – Instructors may be learning new things as well. They will be looking at creative ways to deal with assignments, exams, discussions and avenues for student submission of their work. In the end, just keep working, don’t stop, and be open to change.
  • Prioritize care, compassion and kindness – Students are reminded to support each other and practice compassion and kindness with classmates and faculty.
  • Seek support from your classmates – Stay in communication with other students in your classes and across the University. Find out what’s working for them and how they’re managing their online coursework. This will help you build more tools in your Online Learning Toolkit.
  • Work with a group – Remote collaboration will look a little different, but it is possible. Students should meet regularly, especially if they usually touch base during class or lab.

Academic Resources for Students 

  • Course Communications – All communications for course work from the faculty/instructions will be through the following modes:
  • Student Success Center – The staff is available to help students who need assistance. They are holding weekly Google Hangout sessions where students can ask questions, seek guidance or look for resources. Also, the SSC staff can assist students and faculty who wish to set up Google Hangouts sessions – whether the session is for a class- related manner or just a time for students to talk with friends and classmates, as a group, virtually. See all the services the Student Success Center has to offer students.
  • Faculty – Students needing help can also reach out to their instructor via email or phone.