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Wheeling University’s Coronavirus Task Force Announcement

March 10

Coronavirus Task Force

Wheeling University formed the COVID-19 task force on Tuesday, March 10 in an effort to protect the health and wellness of the faculty, staff and students at Wheeling University, as well as the community at large. Convened by President Ginny R. Favede, the task force consists of University faculty and staff and includes Dr. Jacqueline McGlade, Academic Affairs; Dr. Allen Marangoni, Professor & Director, PT, EdD, MMSc; Andrew Lewis, Student Services; Melissa Rose, Office of the President; Judy Bilyeu, Campus Nurse; Bruce McColloch, Campus Facilities; and David Hacker, Human Resources.

The task force will be in regular contact and communication with federal, state and local health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and the West Virginia Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department whose office is located in downtown Wheeling. The Task Force will hold its first meeting later this week.

In addition to providing its members an opportunity to share resources, the task force will be a clearinghouse of information to the Wheeling University campus community, allowing the University to accomplish its primary goal, which is to protect the health and safety of our students. While we are confident the risk to our campus and community is low, it’s incumbent upon the University to ensure we are doing everything possible to safeguard the men and women who call Wheeling University their home. 

Going forward, please refer to this page for important updates.