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Advanced Practice Nursing in the Primary Care of the Aging Adult

This course provides the nurse practitioner student with the knowledge necessary for providing primary health care to the aging population (over 65). Course content includes the principles of health promotion, disease prevention and assessment, diagnosis, and management of common primary health care problems, and chronic illnesses in diverse elderly populations. Emphasis is placed on developmental needs and the pathophysiologic processes underlying common conditions. The impact of the family on the health of the elderly is explored. This course integrates the principles of health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation, and ethical decision making. Students are required to complete 168 clinical hours in primary care settings seeing aging population of patients. With the guidance of a clinical preceptor students learn how to identify, diagnose, and manage common problems seen in primary care and manage acute and stable chronic illnesses common in the elderly. They also gain confidence in clinical experience in primary healthcare settings that provide opportunities to assess, diagnose, and manage acute and chronic illnesses commonly found in the elderly.