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Graduate Programs

Geographic Information Systems - 15 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Students will learn how to create digital maps and analyze data using industry-standard GIS software and open source platforms, e.g. Esri ArcGIS and QGIS. Students will also learn how to think spatially, produce maps, conduct data analysis with GIS, and communicate effectively with cartography. They will also learn how to design, develop, and manage geospatial databases, including multi-user enterprise geodatabases. Overall, students will understand and be able to use advanced spatial analysis and data visualization methods and models used to solve real-world problems in multiple corporate, government, organizational and non-profit work settings.


Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

3 cr

Introduction to GIS is designed to provide the students with an understanding of the methods and theories of spatial analysis that will allow students to apply GIS knowledge and skills to everyday life and their chosen careers, to apply the course towards a certificate separately or as part of any major, and to prepare them for success in upper division courses in GIS.

Take these courses in any sequence after completing GEOG 1XX: Introduction to GIS.**



GIS Databases and Enterprise GIS

3 cr

This course is to designed to reinforce basic GIS fundamentals and to build skills in GIS data acquisition including finding, making, and importing spatial data and attributes and evaluating their quality, preprocessing GIS data to make them usable, and GIS data management in both local and enterprise spatial database systems using ArcGIS from ESRI.



3 cr

Cartography is a science of communicating spatial information with maps. The purpose of this course is to learn the concepts, principles, and techniques related to maps and map making. Students are expected to develop knowledge and expertise in map types, data selection, compilation, display, design, mapping tools & production techniques, and communication.


Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

3 cr

This course focuses on the study of spatial data structures and the display, manipulation, and analysis of geographic information. Students will study the technical aspects involved in spatial data handling, analysis and modeling. Instruction will include theories and procedures associated with the implementation and management of GIS projects.


Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

3 cr

This course is a project-based exploration of advanced topics in GIS and geospatial technology, with a focus upon spatial modeling, advanced spatial analysis and geoprocessing, spatial data manipulation, and geo-computation.

*Suitable for any majors to couple through degree directed and/or free electives.