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Graduate Programs

Health Services Management - 15 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Prepares any potential student/major that wants to pursue a career path in Health Services Management, e.g. hospitals, clinics, medical services, insurance companies, etc., either as part or separately from the completion of their specific degree plan. The program is also intended to provide a baseline of industry knowledge in Health Services along with basic management skills transferable into any corporate/non-profit organizational setting.

BUSN 211

Principles of Management

3 cr

Management is the process of working with and through people to obtain organizational objectives. The introductory level survey course examines the management functions of organization, controlling, leading and planning. General Systems Theory will be emphasized as an analytical tool. Supervisory behavior and skills will be key topics.

Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

HCMT 320

Management Techniques – Health Sciences

3 cr

An introduction to the principles, practices and problems of management encountered in the allied health professions.

MBA 500

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

3 cr

This course is concerned with the understanding, prediction and control of human behavior in an organizational setting. The primary emphasis is from a psychological perspective although concepts from other social sciences may be included.

Course Offered: Fall Session I

Health Services Management Trends and Issues

3 cr

*Required Courses: (12 credits)