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Graduate Programs

Integrative Marketing Communications - 18 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Prepares Business, English, Liberal Arts or any major to pursue a career that involves managing public and employee communications, materials, processes and systems.  This includes producing and managing associated print, digital and multi-media materials and organizing and implementing internal and external communication flows, work projects, applications, and management systems.

BUSN 212

Principles of Marketing

3 cr

An examination of the fundamental concepts of marketing activities. Takes a managerial perspective to introduce product, price, place and promotion elements of the marketing mix.

Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

*One of the following courses:


COMM 311W*

Public Relations Writing

3 cr

Students in this course study and produce the kinds of planning and writing required for effective public relations, including story pitches, news releases, brochures, public service announcements, presentations, speeches, Web sites, and media kits. This course emphasizes not only the various tools available to the public relations practitioner but also the rhetorical process of deciding and justifying which tools are most effective for moving target audiences from initial ignorance to the appropriate intended action.

Pre-requisites: COMM 120; COMM 121     Course Offered: Spring of every odd year

COMM 259*


3 cr

Students study and practice advertising as a critical element of an organization’s total marketing plan. This course emphasizes the analysis and critique of previous advertisements and their effectiveness in message creation, audience analysis, persuasion, and ethical considerations. Students produce ads for print, broadcast and other media by creating effective and ethical examples of advertisements.

Course Offered: Fall of every odd year

BUSN 252

Consumer Behavior

3 cr

Designed to integrate theories of consumer behavior that impact upon an organization’s marketing activities. Explores individual and group behavior factors.

Prerequisites: BUSN 212     Course Offered: Every Spring

BUSN 310

Marketing Research

3 cr

The methods and techniques of securing, analyzing and interpreting data for effective managerial decision-making will be explored. Focuses on the conceptual design of marketing research studies and the interpretation of data.

Prerequisites: BUSN 212, BUSN 201     Course Offered: Every Fall

COMM 351

Integrated Marketing Communication

3 cr

This advanced course seeks to develop critical thinking skills through the examination of audience-centered case studies of how professionals in public relations and integrated communications develop objectives that translate into communication campaigns. The course emphasizes illustrations of theoretical applications in real-life situations. The development of analytical skills, ethical guidelines, and issues of diversity in communications practice are emphasized.

BUSN 420

Marketing Strategies

3 cr

The study of essential aspects of effective marketing strategy formulation and implementation. An appreciation of the complexity of managerial decision-making will be stressed. Emphasis will be on case studies to more fully demonstrate segmentation, targeting, positioning and other marketing mix strategies.

Prerequisite: BUSN 212 and senior standing     Course Offered: Every Spring