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Graduate Programs

Pastoral Ministry

[Professional Certificate] [Concentration]

Prepare students to work in various professional capacities for church-related religious ministry, social service, administration fields, and pastoral care programs. The program is also aligned with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the professional knowledge and praxis requirements issued by its Secretariat of Catholic Education Subcommittee of Certification for Ecclesial Ministry and Service.

THEO 115

The Religious Quest

3 cr

An introduction to how people address such “religious” issues as faith, doubt, deity, good, evil, community, salvation and worship. Particular attention is given to ways of interpreting the Bible, and how this sacred literature addresses the lives of its many readers.

Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

THEO 117


3 cr

An introduction to foundational questions regarding the meaning and practice of Catholicism.

Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

THEO 241

Catholic Social Thought

3 cr

An introduction to basic principles of Catholic Social Thought (e.g., the sacredness of human life, the common good, preferential option for the poor, subsidiarity) with a particular focus on the economic, social, political, and ecological issues raised by globalization in the early twenty-first century.

THEO 236

The Church

3 cr

A presentation of the Church’s understanding of itself, its membership, ministry and mission to the world.

THEO 305*

Theological Ethics

3 cr

A study of the foundations of moral theology, including methodological and anthropological questions as well as attention to decision-making in the context of specific social and political issues that students are likely to encounter in the contemporary world. A writing-intensive capstone course introducing foundations of theological ethics as well as attention to virtue and decision-making in the context of contemporary personal, social, and political issues.

Prerequisites: sophomore standing.     Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

THEO 483

Pastoral Practicum

3 cr

This practicum is designed for persons planning a career in professions that “minister” to the public, e.g., theology majors, social science majors, health professions. In their practicum, students put learned theory to practical application by doing weekly “pastoral” work in places such as parishes, Catholic Social Services, neighborhood centers, campus ministry, and other religious laity work environments. Practicum learning objectives are developed by student and faculty member. Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours per week at their practicum site and complete a portfolio culminating the internship.

*Satisfies EXSL Core Requirement. Repeat up to 6 crs