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Graduate Programs

Sales with Salesforce™ Training - 18 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Provides certification in Salesforce™, a state-of-the-industry Customer Relations Management software system. Marketing students will simultaneously receive this important Salesforce™ certification with their BS in Business Administration: Marketing Concentration degree. Any other WU major can also enter in on the certificate and complete it in their program of study.  All Professionals with an AA/AS or BA/BS degree can also gain this national Salesforce™ Training certification.

BUSN 212

Principles of Marketing

3 cr

An examination of the fundamental concepts of marketing activities. Takes a managerial perspective to introduce product, price, place and promotion elements of the marketing mix.

Course Offered: Every Fall, Every Spring

BUSN 252

Consumer Behavior

3 cr

Designed to integrate theories of consumer behavior that impact upon an organization’s marketing activities. Explores individual and group behavior factors.

Prerequisites: BUSN 212     Course Offered: Every Spring

BUSN 310

Marketing Research

3 cr

The methods and techniques of securing, analyzing and interpreting data for effective managerial decision-making will be explored. Focuses on the conceptual design of marketing research studies and the interpretation of data.

Prerequisites: BUSN 212, BUSN 201     Course Offered: Every Fall

BUSN 317

Services Marketing

3 cr

Over half of the GDP in the U.S. comes from service related businesses. Nonprofit organizations (schools, hospitals, churches, etc.) view marketing as an increasingly important function. This course applies marketing principles and techniques to the unique needs of these organizations.

Prerequisite: BUSN 212     Course Offered: Every Fall

BUSN 420

Marketing Strategies

3 cr

The study of essential aspects of effective marketing strategy formulation and implementation. An appreciation of the complexity of managerial decision-making will be stressed. Emphasis will be on case studies to more fully demonstrate segmentation, targeting, positioning and other marketing mix strategies.

Prerequisite: BUSN 212 and senior standing     Course Offered: Every Spring

BUSN 430

Mastering CRM: Salesforce™ Trailhead Training and Certification

3 cr

The Salesforce certification training course is designed to ensure that students learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder. This course provides training in Salesforce configuration to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.