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Graduate Programs

Sports Leadership and Management - 15 cr.

Professional Certificate

Prepares students for careers related to intercollegiate athletics, professional sport, major sports events, community-based sport, adaptive sports for persons with disabilities/physical challenges, community relations, sports facilities management and sports communications, marketing, ticket sales, and promotion. Students learn to assume the responsibilities for developing and leading professional and amateur athletes and managing sports programs in a variety of academic, public, and private sectors. 

Required courses:

EXSC 260

Sports Leadership

3 cr

This course provides students with an exploration of various leadership styles and an examination of how leadership operates in the sport domain from a coaching, administration, and athlete perspective.

MGMT 220

Sports Management

3 cr

This course provides students with an examination of effective management strategies related to leadership, communication, motivation, and entrepreneurship in sports.

And 9 credits of electives


MGMT 401

Sports Facility and Event Management

3 cr

This course will give an overview of all elements involved in sports facility and event management. Topics will include finding/building sports facilities, completing feasibility studies, and financing of sports facilities. Other topics will include operations of a facility including marketing, public relations, day to day operations, and maintenance. Students will also learn about event management including how to plan a sporting event, operations of the event, media and advertising of events, concessions, and merchandising.

MGMT 402

Sports Law

3 cr

This course will explore how legal issues impact the sports industry, both professional and amateur. The course will examine how laws impact the sports industry and players in the industry. Topics included in the course are all aspects of contracts, labor laws, unionization (negotiation, arbitration, and collective bargaining), legal/salary issues, agent representation, and pay for athletes. The course will also examine ethical issues in sports.

MKMT 318

Sports Marketing

3 cr

This course will explore sports marketing in the sports industry, at both the professional and amateur levels. The course will examine fundamental concepts of marketing activities and how they relate to sports. These topics will include the marketing concepts, the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion), market segmentation, and consumer behavior in relation to the sports industry.

PSYC 250

Sport Psychology

3 cr

An examination of sports from an empirical point of view with emphasis on behavioral/learning principles as they apply to the influence of sports on athletes and spectators.

Prerequisite: PSYC 110.     Course Offered: Every Spring

EXSC 265

Adaptive Sports

3 cr

This course provides students with fundamentals of disability and awareness of adaptive sports through topics including disability etiquette, functional and medical aspects of disability in the context of sports and recreation, and adaptive sports and medical equipment.