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Make A Difference Day 2019

  Monday, August 26, 2019 4:02 PM
  WU News, Service


On this brilliant Monday morning and afternoon, 89 Wheeling University students in their first year, on their first day of college life devoted their  time together for Make a Difference Day 2019. Laboring at 8 sites, student tackled issues related to food security and distribution, as well as partnering with agencies devoted to child care and elder support.

Led by eight WU faculty/staff and eleven upperclassmen who serve as RAs, SGA officers, and Luceats, these 100+ agents of change contributed to growing good relationships with local community groups, burnishing the outreach capacity of our university, building class unity, and also deriving some personal consolation from knowing that even a few hours can make a difference in the lives of our Wheeling environs. Organization of the project this year was done through the Appalachian Institute (Rich McCouch and Tom Breiding) in partnership with the FYS (First Year Seminar). Our work sites included the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center, Grow Ohio Valley, Laughlin Memorial Chapel, Mount St. Joseph, the Seeing Hand Edelman Gard, the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, and the Welty Home for Seniors.

Following a mission explanation and prayerful send-off after 8 a.m. from Troy Theater, student were sent out in groups according to their FYS classes,  with two groups serving in the morning, alternating with two groups in the afternoon. While one set of groups worked off campus, the others were oriented to their on campus FYS training. A cheerful mood permeated the B Room as students from the morning cohort  gathered for lunch and the afternoon cohort ate in preparation to depart.

Faculty/Staff support included: Jane Neuenschwander, Tina Tordella, Vincent DeGeorge, Marybeth Emmerth, Barbara Julian, Carrie Hannah, as well as  from Jamey Brogan and Hadi Sasmita, SJ.. Upperclass student support came from: SGA president & members Chelsey Ward, Rachel Chesar, Bri Grimes, Preston Kulpa; RAs Troy McAuliff & Makenna Hadrych; Luceats Nate Foster, Mackenzie Shepard, Rachel Smission, Eily Cogan, and Tressa Swanson.

Organization of the day was also facilitated by agreement with Student Services led by Andrew Lewis.