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Senior Golf Champ Evolves as a Student at WJU

  Wednesday, May 29, 2019 1:57 PM
  WU News


Bailey Frederick grew up in Fairmont, WV.
Her story is a great inspiration to others, and proof that hard work and perseverance do pay off. Bailey shared her journey from the beginning. “There was no women’s golf in high school, so I played and lettered my four years on the boy’s team. Our team became the first golf team at my high school to ever make it to the state tournament as a team and we did it two years in a row (my junior and senior years).
I began getting recruited for golf by Coach Sue Vail going into my junior year of high school. While staying in contact with her, I decided to take a visit to Wheeling Jesuit University. After visiting and getting to see the campus along with officially meeting Coach Vail, I was pretty much sold on the idea that this was where I was going to spend my next four years at least.
My freshman year at Jesuit was a rough one. I was very involved in extra-curricular’s in high school but never really was challenged or challenged myself academically. With this being so, I knew that college would be an adjustment, but college ended up being way more of an adjustment than I anticipated. After my freshman year, my GPA was a good bit under a 2.0. A few different things out of my control played a part in my very unsuccessful start but I don’t really like to make excuses for it. The only thing I will say is that once you realize you’re behind during a semester, it’s too late. I took a summer class going into my sophomore year that raised my GPA some but after my first full year, but I was still sitting under a 2.0. This was a big time of reflection for me. I truly believe that college isn’t for everyone, but I never once told myself that it wasn’t for me. I am now a senior with a 3.35 cumulative GPA and have not had a semester where my GPA has been under a 3.75 since my freshman year. I have everyone close to me to thank for the success I began having because I really fed off of it and continue to be inspired by their support!
I am currently very active in preparing for my future. I am a Communication major and want to pursue a job in either broadcasting or human resources. Feeling out these two different fields is seen as necessary so I can figure out what will be the best fit for me down the road. When it comes to broadcasting, I have broadcasted some basketball games on campus and I am also currently the Back-Up Announcer for the dog races at the Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino (dog races are only legal in 5-6 states right now and I cannot find another female announcer so I may be the only in the country). When it comes to human resources, I work in the human resources office on campus during the school year. I am also currently doing an internship with the human resources office at the school. I plan to either go into broadcasting after graduation next May, or go to graduate school for human resources.”

Bailey, on behalf of WJU we are proud of your continued hard work and dedication as a student-athlete!