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Wheeling University Pins 54 Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduates

  Tuesday, December 10, 2019 11:29 AM
  WU News


December 10, 2019, Wheeling, WV- Fifty-four physical therapy (PT) students received their official Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate pins this Sunday, December 8th in the performance gym of the Alma Grace McDonough Center on the campus of Wheeling University. 

The pinning ceremony marks the beginning for these new physical therapists who will take the board exam in January before entering the professional world of medicine. 

The ceremony included a welcome from Dr. Allen Marangoni, Physical Therapy Program Director, a congratulatory address from President Ginny Favede and remarks from Father Rich McCouch S.J., who anointed the hands of the graduates. 

“We are proud of the 54 Doctor of Physical Therapy graduates as they embark on their career in an exciting profession. They have completed a rigorous program and are deserving of the self-satisfaction that is sure to follow their accomplishments.  My colleagues and I wish them well in all that they choose to do in a profession where many doors are sure to open.  We look forward to hearing where their paths take them,” said Program Director Dr. Marangoni.

Congratulatory remarks from President Favede praised the graduates for the years and countless hours spent working towards this milestone. She went on to say, “You will progress forward in profession as men and women in service, for and among others. You will progress forward as graduates of a great institution prepared for life, leadership and service.”

The class of 2019 graduates include: Kayvon Alizadeh, Kelly Ammon, Tyler Bake, Kimberly Bakker, Sydney Belcastro, Bailey Bishop, Thomas Booth, Eileen Casey, Christian Cotugno, Remi Dallot, Taylor Dixon, Alyssa Duran, Sarah Eiswerth, Rachel Erdely, Karista Ferguson, Nicole Fernandez, Jordan Fuller, Selena Fushimi-Karns, Kady Green, Alyssa Hamm, Jordan Henretty, Megan Hooper, Meghan Horan, Adam Jeffries, Caroline Jenets, Laken Jones, Melissa Lafranchi, Colleen Laubach, Matthew Lawrence, Joshua Lee, Katelyn Martin, Nicole Materkoski, Morgan Mayer, Casey McCall, Keenan Meredith, Zachary Messenger, Briana Moorman, Chelsie Moyer, Jacob Nacgele, Brooke Novia, Kara Painter, Caitlin Quinton, Alissa Quiroz, Rebecca Rector, Demitra Ring, Alycia Rodkey, Jarett Sadler, Ryan Schwertz, Taylor Scudiere, Lauren Subler, Colleen Wallace, Aaron Williams and Tyler Zahnow.

 “We are incredibly blessed by the profound support from our family and friends, and with the encouragement from our professors and fellow classmates we have become new Doctors of Physical Therapy. Through the opportunities we have had here at Wheeling University we have developed compassion, empathy, and a desire to provide the best services possible to our patients,” said Rebecca Rector, class representative for the DPT class of 2019.

Rector continued, “God has a plan for every new graduate and enabled us to do great things.  Over the past two and a half years we have learned so much about working with other professionals and patients and I am excited for all we will continue to learn in the future.”

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Wheeling University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) and follows a unique Problem-Based Learning curriculum. This prepares our physical therapists for clinical practice, ethical leadership, and the betterment of society and service to others, including areas underserved by the health care system. This provides the students with many opportunities for professional and personal growth when their time at Wheeling University has come to an end.


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