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Wheeling University Students Learn Valuable Skills During Etiquette Event

WHEELING, W.Va., April 15 – Recently, 25 Wheeling University students took part in an etiquette dinner, where they gained valuable insights into how to conduct themselves at business-related events.

“Providing students with educational opportunities is not limited to classroom instruction. Faculty and staff organized this event to teach our students how to conduct themselves in business-related settings – providing them with knowledge that will help them succeed in their careers following graduation,“ said Dr. Dianna Vargo, interim chief operations officer at Wheeling University.

The Etiquette Dinner and Fashion Show was made possible through the efforts of Dr. Vargo, Dr. Andrea Bucklew, chief of staff, Dr. Zahra Mohebbi, chair of the Department of Business, Nic Kjaerholt, director of the Student Success Center, Lori Parry, assistant Professor of Business & Marketing, and Paige Wallace, instructor of English, as well as Wheeling’s food service provider, Aladdin. 

“The students who attended gained valuable insights into conducting themselves appropriately during business-related dinners, from mastering the intricacies of dining etiquette to engaging in conversations suitable for professional settings, Dr. Mohebbi explained. 

The dinner consisted of a four-course meal prepared by Aladdin. As part of the dinner, At the dinner, Noah Fraley from director of Dining Services with Aladdin, gave a presentation in which he explained basic dining etiquette, from proper silverware usage to smart menu choices.

“This event was valuable opportunity for the young adults on campus to become more comfortable in a professional setting. It helped to prepare them for their future,” Fraley explained. 

“An etiquette dinner event is a great way for students to refine their professional presentation skills,” Njaerholt added. “Such an event also teaches students how to make a favorable impression on potential employers.”

Following dinner, a fashion show was held. The fashion show gave students the chance to see examples of appropriate attire to wear for job interviews, networking sessions and dinner meetings.