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Accessibility/Disability Services

Obtaining Accomodations

How to obtain accessibility related services for students with disabilities

Students seeking accommodations through SSC are required to:

  1. Complete an Accommodations Request Form
  2. Provide SSC with appropriate documentation, including the Medical Provider Form for Disability Due to a Medical Condition or Disability Due to a Mental Health Condition, as applicable.

The Accommodations Request Form and documentation will be reviewed and evaluated by SSC. During the evaluation process, SSC may require the student to meet with SSC staff, to provide supplemental information, or to execute a release permitting SSC to consult with those familiar with the student’s disability and requested accommodations. The student will be informed if documentation is insufficient and the nature of the deficiency.    

Even if a student has a disability and may require accommodations for that disability, the University is not required to approve or provide the requested accommodation if there is another equally effective accommodation. SSC will discuss alternatives with the student before determining the accommodation that the University will provide.  

After SSC approval, letters of accommodation will be generated based on this request and the accommodations agreed upon. Each instructor teaching that student will receive an email with the Accommodations Request Letter.

But SSC approval of accommodations is not the end of the process. SSC does not typically consult with instructors before issuing letters. Students must arrange a meeting with each course instructor at the beginning of each semester in order to discuss and pre-arranged accommodations. Not every accommodation will be needed in every class, or the instructor may have an alternative equally effective accommodation. The instructor may also conclude that an accommodation is not appropriate or needs to be modified or limited. This results in a continuation of the interactive process.

Once the accommodations are agreed upon, Accommodations Request Letter is signed by the student and faculty member, the accommodation(s) are set for the remainder of the term, unless there is a change in the student’s condition.

The approved support and accommodations will be monitored, reviewed, and adjusted as necessary via a Student Services Support Plan.  If deemed essential for the educational success of the student, a meeting may be scheduled with the partner director or essential University staff to review accommodations and determine support. The Student Success Center Director will schedule 1:1 check-ins with the student throughout the term.

If a student disagrees with any conclusion by SSC regarding accommodations, the student can seek review. The process depends on the nature of the request. Academic issues will go up through the appropriate Department (e.g. Chair, VPAA), Requests involving student activities will typically go to the Dean of Student Services  This is a continuation of the interactive process. 

To ensure timeliness of services, it is preferable that the student obtain the accommodation prior to the start of the term. Upon submission of the request form, the SSC works to establish the accommodation as soon as possible.

After the initial semester in which accommodations are approved, at the beginning of each semester thereafter the student will be responsible for requesting renewal of their Accommodation Request Letter. This step is required so that the student verifies that they still have a disability and that they want and need the same accommodations. If so, steps 4 and 5 must be repeated. If students need new or modified accommodations, they need to arrange a meeting with the Student Success Center.