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Student Life

Career Services for Students

Career Services provides the following assistance to WU students and alumni:

  • Resumé and cover letter assistance and critiques
  • Assistance in choosing a major/minor as well as advised assessment tests to explore career options
  • Mock interviews
  • Guidance in the job or internship search process
  • Posting of full-time and part-time jobs and internship opportunities
  • Host various workshops throughout each semester on career related topics
  • Speak to classes, organizations, residence halls, etc.
  • Invites employers to campus for informational sessions and interviewing opportunities
  • Develops relationships with employers to encourage involvement in the WU community

Students and Alumni are welcome to our services via appointment.

Career Advising

Career Services is here to help you in each step of your career development. Regardless of your year in college, it is important to keep your career consideration in the forefront. Below is a checklist for each year you are a WU student to stay on-track toward a successful first job.

Freshman Year: Develop a Plan

  • Assess interests and values
  • Choose a major
  • Begin documenting experiences, activities, and skills

Sophomore Year: Build a Foundation

  • Plan a meaningful and marketable education
  • Seek opportunities to develop skills
  • Hone work-related skills

Junior Year: Evaluate Your Progress

  • Assess experiences
  • Develop networking opportunities
  • Become knowledgeable about the job-search process
  • Consider an internship

Senior: Decide and Commit

  • Practice mock interviews
  • Network with employers and Alumni
  • Begin job search process and/or graduate school application process

Career Netlibrary E-Books

Our online library of career resources has tips on everything from writing a slam-dunk cover letter and developing a memorable resume to the perfect phrases to use during an interview. You will also find a countless resources to help you choose the right career field. Go to the Library Website and click on “Electronic Resources.”


Being great at interviewing is a process of practicing, adjusting and feeling more comfortable in the environment. There are many different types of interviews, but the key to every interview is preparation.

3 keys to a successful interview:

  1. Research the company or organization prior to interviewing. 
  2. Be confident. Speak with clarity, enthusiasm and focus. 
  3. Sell your strengths. Try to relate your strengths and previous experiences to the position you are interviewing for.

In order to help students (and alumni) develop their interview skills, Career Services offers mock interviewing. During a mock interview, a Career Services staff member will interview you, as if you are in an actual job, internship or graduate school interview. This interview is usually recorded, and after the interview, we will discuss the highlights, what went well, and what could be improved. Schedule a mock interview by visiting our online calendar click here

Additional Resources