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Payment FAQs

When are my payments due?

  • Fall Semester – August 1st
  • Spring Semester – December 1st
  • Summer Sessions – before the first day of class

When is my refund check processed?

Refund checks are processed beginning with the second Friday of the semester (a week after the drop/add period). Checks are processed on a weekly basis to students with actual credit balances on their account. Pending Financial Aid must be received prior to having the full amount refunded. Checks are processed every Friday beginning with the second Friday of the semester.

How do I receive my refund check?

All refund checks are held at the Business Office for one week and can be picked up on Fridays. If they are not picked up within that time, the checks are automatically mailed to the address on file. Checks can be mailed sooner per the request of the student by calling 304-243-2222 or emailing Student Accounts at

Why do I still have “pending aid” listed on my Academic account?

This means we have not received funds from the agency responsible. If you have loans, that typically means you have not completed all necessary paperwork to complete the loan. The Financial Aid Office can assist you with this at 304-243-2304 or If you have an outside scholarship such as Rotary, church, etc. you may want to contact them directly to see why payment has not yet been received.

How do I know my balance?

Students can view their balance 24/7 on Self-Service. All statements are online; however we will mail a paper billing statement at the beginning of each semester only. Students who are no longer enrolled and have a past due account will receive a monthly statement.

Why does my statement change?

Students’ statements can be adjusted for many reasons including changes in class schedule, parking fees/fines, adjustments in housing/meal plan, charges added for special tests or insurance (Depending on major), etc. We encourage students to check Self-Service at least once a week to see if any adjustments/changes have been made to their account. Questions can be addressed to the Student Accounts Office 304-243-2222 or

Can I use work study to pay my balance?

Students’ balances are due by the above given due date and cannot use work study funds their first semester at WU. However, if they have secured an on-campus job and have established routine hours to be worked, we can calculate an estimate that will be earned for the next semester. The student will then be required to sign a payroll deduction form (available from Student Accounts) for the percentage he/she would like to deduct. If the student does not earn the expected amount, they will be required to pay the difference prior to pre-registration, graduation or withdrawing.

How do I pay my account?

We have several options available: in person, online or monthly payment plan.