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Update from the President

Dear Wheeling University Family,

We are back on the road again and it is a great feeling to visit with our alumni in their hometowns. Last weekend, Kelly Klubert and I traveled across Pennsylvania and spent an evening with alumni and friends from the Philadelphia area. I had the chance to reconnect with alumni I met four years ago and had the pleasure of meeting several new alumni.  We had so many great conversations. I am grateful to Susan Worth-LaManna for asking how alumni could help – aside from making gifts. Kelly and I explained how alumni can help promote Wheeling University at college fairs in their hometowns. Soon details on alumni recruitment training will be available for alumni who are interested in volunteering.  I had a wonderful evening, and I am grateful to Marilou Doughty for hosting all of us!

While I’m in Washington, D.C. next weekend at the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) annual meeting, Paula Felt and Bob O’Neill are organizing a small gathering of alumni one evening. I cannot wait to engage them in conversation about the university, our students, and the great things happening around campus. We are also planning alumni events in Pittsburgh and Cleveland in the coming months. I will be sharing more information soon on those events.

Speaking of the ACCU meeting, I love attending this, because I am surrounded by presidents and senior leaders from Catholic colleges around the country. This meeting is a reminder of how each institution can support one another and the resources that we can share. This meeting helps me see the important role Catholic colleges have in educating and shaping the lives of young adults. The theme for this year’s event is Inspire. Educate. Lead. Never has a theme been so relevant at Catholic institutions. Educating students at Catholic universities like Wheeling can instill leadership skills grounded in a faith-based mission – which can change lives. I look forward to the opening liturgy on Saturday evening with celebrant Eminence Christophe Cardinal Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States.

Every February, we have the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black Americans who have shaped our nation’s history and continue to enrich our present. Black History Month isn’t just about looking back on achievements, but also about recognizing the ongoing struggles and resilience of the Black community.

Throughout this month, our University will host a range of events that honor Black culture and history. These events are more than just educational opportunities; they serve as bridges of understanding and appreciation, fostering dialogue and community. We invite you to join us in exploring the vibrant tapestry of Black experiences, celebrating triumphs, and acknowledging the sacrifices made in the pursuit of equality.

With our international student population growing, Wheeling University plans to convert some of the space in Whelan Hall into an International Student Welcome Center. Many of the international students do not have the resources to travel home over breaks, and this Center would provide them a place where they can cook meals and gather together as a community. A portion of the first floor would house a food pantry where donations could be stored to provide all students with free food items. Additionally, the kitchen would be available for the students to cook meals for themselves or to host special dinner events in the dining area. We are looking for your help to fund the renovations to these areas. You can earmark your gift to be used for the International Student Welcome Center.  All donations can be sent to the Office of Advancement. I believe the Center will give the students a wonderful gathering space to build community.

The weekend is here! May you find time to relax and to nourish your soul. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

With gratitude,

Ginny R. Favede 
President, Wheeling University