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Advanced Practice Nursing in the Primary Care of Reproductive Health

This course focuses on women and men from adolescence through maturity within the context of their sexual and reproductive development. The course provides the nurse practitioner student with the knowledge necessary to address the reproductive needs of patients in primary care. Content addresses pre- and post-natal care; health maintenance issues; common sexual and reproductive health problems; and sexuality and reproductive changes in men and women related to special health issues and aging. Related advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, psychosocial factors, and ethical considerations are explored. Students are required to complete 168 clinical hours in a primary care, urologic, obstetrical and gynecology practice setting. With the guidance of a clinical preceptor students learn how to identify, diagnose, and manage common primary health care problems associated with reproduction. They also gain confidence in clinical practice settings that serve women and men at different points in the sexual and reproductive continuum.