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Exercise Science Practicum

The student will be required to participate in a practicum at a facility, or in a program, that is matched to their particular path (clinical, health & fitness, etc.). The student is responsible for securing a site at which to complete their practicum experience. Approval is required by the faculty advisor. A packet and guidelines will be issued to the student and the site for reference. The student will be evaluated by their on-site supervisor, as well as their faculty advisor. The practicum requires 135 contact hours over the course of the semester which is approximately 10 site contact hours per week. (Pre-req: at least EXSC-312/313) Please note: The student has the option of sitting for a quality certification in an exercise-related field in lieu of a practicum experience. Certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, health and fitness are some examples. These are to be from well-known professional organizations such as the ACSM, NSCA, ASEP, NASM, ACE, etc. Approval from the ES Program Director is required. The student must pass the exam successfully and attain certification in order to receive a passing grade in this course. (Pre-req: at least EXSC 312/313)