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Research & Evidence-Based Practice III

This course is a continuation of the research track that builds up the scientific search methods, critical evaluation of the literature, and the skills of summarizing literature into a scientific writing. Primary goal of this course is the completion of Chapter 2 (Review of Literature). Students are also required to update Chapter 3 (Methods and Materials) that is proposed in Term III, if any changes are necessary. It requires the students to finalize the methods and procedure for collecting data that will be gathered in Research & Evidence Based Practice IV as continues in Term V. Additionally, students are required to complete necessary paperwork to submit a full proposal to the Institutional Review Board for approval, if not already approved. Students are also provided with the knowledge of ethical aspects of performing research on human subjects through Institutional Review Board training modules. A final version of Chapters 1-3 (Introduction, Review of Literature, and Methods) of the research project and the completed Institutional Review Board application paperwork will be submitted to the faculty research advisor.