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Graduate Programs

Certificate in Informational Technology Essentials - 15 cr.

(Online) [Professional Certificate]

The certificate is designed to provide undergraduate students and those who have earned a bachelor’s degree to gain the technical and management knowledge required for IT-connected careers and operations. The certificate allows students to augment and deepen the knowledge gained through their major-related courses with a foundation in information technology and its business and organization applications. By completing this certificate, students gain the necessary skills to improve their attractiveness to employers in our technology-driven society. 

Required Courses: 15 crs.

INFO 110 Introduction to Information Technology Systems and Professional Applications 3 cr. (was CSC 110)

INFO 210 Computing and Coding 3 cr. (was CSC 210)

INFO 306 Networking and Network Security 3 cr (was CSC 306)

INFO 330 Database Design and Management 3 cr. (was CSC 330)

INFO 420 Real World IT: Computer Systems/Cloud Computing Administration (was CSC 420)


INFO 435 Real World IT: Software Engineering 3 cr. (was CSC 435)