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Graduate Programs

Construction Management Essentials - 15 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Prepares students currently working in and or wishing to enter the Construction Management industry. Job opportunities as residential builders and contractors; trade contractors, in civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, and plumbing firms or other companies, government agencies, and organizations involved in the construction of the built environment are possible with attainment of the certificate. It also provides a pathway for completing a BS in Construction Management, BS in Engineering Science, BS in Business Administration, and another related field. 

ENGR 110

Structured and Object-Oriented Programming

3 cr

Introduces algorithm and problem-solving methods. Emphasizes structured and especially object oriented programming concepts, I/O, control structures, functions and/or methods, data abstraction, data structures, and the study and use of an object technology high-level programming language.

ENVS 115

Environmental Conservation and Energy Sustainability

3 cr

An introduction to the study of energy for electrical power generation and transportation, including sustainable and non-sustainable energy sources. The social, economic and environmental impacts and effectiveness of these alternatives will be evaluated.

CMGT 110

Introduction to Construction Management

3 cr

This course introduces students to the construction industry with emphasis on the principles of construction management.

CMGT 210

Construction Materials and Methods

3 cr

A study of the origins, production and uses of construction materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, brick, and stone. A combination of structural and non-structural, interior and exterior materials and assemblies will be examined.

CMGT 273

Internship: Applied Practice in Construction Management

3 cr

This internship offers the opportunity to put learned theory to practical application in a supervised work environment. Internship learning objectives are developed by student and faculty member, with approval of employer, to provide appropriate work-based learning experiences. Students are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours and complete a portfolio culminating the internship.

*Satisfies EXSL Core Requirement