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Graduate Programs

Nursing Management

[Professional Certificate]

Prepares nurses to pursue a career in a managerial position in hospitals, clinics, healthcare organizations, health insurance companies, and other health services operations and agencies. The certificate focuses on basic health care management knowledge required to lead nursing and health services units in healthcare organizations. The certificate can be completed separately or as part of a Nursing degree program.

HCMT 320

Management Techniques – Health Sciences

3 cr

An introduction to the principles, practices and problems of management encountered in the allied health professions.

BUSN 251

Organizational Behavior

3 cr

A survey course that examines individual and group behavior in an organizational context. The underlying thesis of this course is that an increased understanding of the human system can result in an organization that is more effective at meeting both the organization’s objectives and the goals of the individual employees. Major topics include: motivation, leadership, group processes and attitudes.

Course Offered: Every Spring

Clinical Practicum

2 cr

Complex Care II

2 cr

MSN 503*

Health Care Policy and Politics

3 cr

The study of political, social, economic and ethical influences within the health care delivery system. Special attention is given to how change occurs and to how government (local, state, federal, global) regulations, stakeholders, consumerism, and court, agency and legislative actions impact on health care. Interprofessional collaboration is explored in achieving policy change. Incorporating research findings into policy change with the masters prepared nurse in a leadership role is explored.

*Gateway to BSN if take whole certificate and/or MSN with MSN 503 only