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Graduate Programs

Tourism and Hospitality Management - 15 cr.

[Professional Certificate]

Prepares students for entry- to mid-level management positions in various segments of the tourism and hospitality industry including public entertainment, arts, attractions, and gaming establishments, cruise lines and tour companies, hotels and resorts, restaurants and other foodservice companies, meeting and event planning services, and recreational, leisure and destination management.

THMT 125

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management

3 cr

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of management related to the tourism and hospitality industry. Topics include financial management and accounting, human resource issues, hotel and resort management, food and beverage management, and event management.

THMT 265

Strategic and Risk Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

3 cr

This course examines risk management concepts and strategies within tourism and hospitality industry. Risk management helps employees to identify, analyze, assess, and hopefully, avoid or mitigate risks coming from a variety of sources, such as financial upset, legal ramifications, accidents, natural disasters, data or cyber security breaches, and many more.

Cross-listed BUSN 265

THMT 225

Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

3 cr

This course is about the successful marketing principles employed in the tourism and hospitality industry. Demand variables, distribution channels, communications, promotions, research, packaging, collateral materials, pricing strategies, the marketing plan, and enhancing internal sales may be covered.

Cross-listed BUSN 225

THMT 403

Legal and Ethical Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

3 cr

This course is an introduction to the legal and ethical principles that affect the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will review theory and application of general and contract law as they relate to business, employee, and public management regulations. Students will also learn the legal and ethical issues as they relate specifically to the travel and tourism industry.

Crosslisted BUSN 403

THMT 471

Internship in Tourism and Hospitality Management

1, 2, or 3 cr

This internship offers the opportunity to put learned theory to practical application in a supervised work environment. Internship learning objectives are developed by student and faculty member, with approval of employer, to provide appropriate work-based learning experiences. Students are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours and complete a portfolio culminating the internship.

Crosslisted BUSN 471.     *Satisfies EXSL Core Requirement. Repeat up to 6 crs.