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Employee Spotlight! Father Hadi Sasmita

  Friday, September 20, 2019 2:12 PM
  WU News


Employee Spotlight!

Father Hadi Sasmita, S.J., Campus Minister

It is safe to say, Father Hadi is pretty well known around campus. It’s not just his friendly demeanor, his intriguing heritage, or the colorful Hawaiian themed shirts he sports, it’s his dedication to his faith, to the students, and to the University. Father Hadi’s story began in his home country of Indonesia, followed by moving to the U.S. in 1985 to finish high school. After many years of schooling and training, he followed his calling and became a Jesuit Priest. Today, Father Hadi leads Freshman Overnights, Kairos, and many other retreats offered to students at Wheeling U. Fun facts about this gentle soul is he absolutely LOVES to cook and regularly practices Martial Arts in the White Crane style, to stay active and flexible. Colleague Richard McCouch S.J., shared “As a Jesuit companion and member of our community, Fr. Hadi thinks deeply and acts purposefully as regards both his relationships and his responsibilities. He seems to know everyone by name, and they know him, a great gift in ministry. His style of celebration, his preaching, his retreats, his participation at meetings and events, all demonstrate how seriously he carefully commits himself beyond words into bonds. Before acting, Fr. Hadi thinks forward toward the implication of his action for and on behalf of others. He really wants to draw the best of others forth, and in that, builds confidence and community.”

Father Hadi, on behalf of Wheeling University, we are proud that you are a part of our team!