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Wheeling University Named One of the Best Online Colleges in WV

WHEELING, W.Va., Nov. 23 – Wheeling University started its 2022-23 academic year being named one of the best online colleges in the state of West Virginia by a global ranking service.

ZDNET looked at all the colleges and universities in the Mountain State to see which offered the best online programs for students. The online service ranked Wheeling University as the fourth best, noting it offers a variety of online degrees, including an accelerated MBA with tracks in management and healthcare management.

“Wheeling University strives to offer programs that meet the needs of our students at every level. Our online programs are geared to help traditional and adult learners obtain degrees in Business, Nursing and Education,” said Ginny R. Favede, president of Wheeling University.

In addition to the three undergraduate and three graduate online degrees, the President noted the University also offers a variety of professional certificates. The certificates provide students at the undergraduate and graduate levels focused training in a specific area of interest, such as construction management, nursing management, pastoral ministry and information technology essentials.

“The goal at Wheeling University is to produce well-educated graduates who are prepared to effect change in the workplace and in their communities,” President Favede said. “ZDNET is just one of many ranking services that recognize our online programs offer students a quality education grounded in Catholic traditions.” recently listed Wheeling University’s online RN to BSN as the third best in West Virginia, while University Headquarters chose Wheeling’s MBA program as one of the top 10 in the state.

ZDNET’s approach to rankings is designed to identify programs with proven track records in serving students, learners and certificate earners. To formulate its rankings, ZDNET draws upon federally reported datasets, such as IPEDS and the National Center for Education Statistics, and leverages expert insights. The service also uses its own educational board to review every dataset in order to rank each institution.