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Wheeling University Recognized for National Excellence in Teacher Preparation

  Monday, December 16, 2019 10:36 AM
  WU News


The council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) recently announced that Wheeling University has earned accreditation for its educator preparation programs. Wheeling University along with 59 other institutions were awarded the accreditation under the rigorous, nationally recognized CAEP Teacher Preparation Standards. Wheeling University’s education faculty prepared for the accreditation to ensure that all of the required standards were met. CAEP President Dr. Christopher A. Koch stated on the accreditation process that, “ These providers meet high standards so that their students receive an education that prepares them to succeed in a diverse range of classrooms after they graduate.” The standards are based on criteria that shows solid evidence the provider’s graduates are competent and caring educators, and the educating staff has the capacity to create a culture that maintains and enhances the quality of the professional programs they offer.                                          

Wheeling University Education Program Director, Sherri Theaker spoke to the importance of the recent accreditation and its significance to the university stating, “An Education Preparation Program in West Virginia must have CAEP accreditation or be seeking for its teacher candidates to have the ability to seek licensure. The framework provided by CAEP Accreditation ensures that the program has developed protocols to ensure that evidence-based analysis and constant self-assessment is occurring for continuous improvement.”

Ginny Favede, University President, recognizes the diligence and tenacity the education department put forth, and how critical the accreditation is to the success of students. Favede shared, “Wheeling University offers a stellar education program to students who choose to pursue their calling to teach. The CAEP accreditation allows program leads to continue doing great work while at the same time ensures the University the ability to confer competitive degrees in this high demand profession.”


Founded in 1954, Wheeling University is the only Catholic institution of higher learning in West Virginia. Its mission is to provide a high-quality Catholic education to the men and women of the Ohio Valley region and beyond. By integrating education, research, and economic development with classical knowledge and Christian revelation, Wheeling University seeks to equip its graduates with the critical, creative, and empathetic tools they need to pursue rewarding careers and enrich their local communities.