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Areas of Study

Praxis Testing and Exemptions

As Regulated by the West Virginia Department of Education

Persons who meet one or more of the following criteria may be exempt from the Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core). 

1. Hold certification through the NBPTS 
2. Hold or have held a West Virginia Professional Certificate 
3. Hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education 
4. Attained, from a single administration, a qualifying score on the American College Test (ACT®) or Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT®) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE®) as listed below:

1. A composite score of 25 (prior to November, 1989)
2. A composite score of 26 on the ACT enhanced (effective November 1989)

1. A combined score of 1035 (prior to April 1995) 
2. A combined score of 1125 on the re-centered SAT (effective April 1995), 
3. A score of 1170 on the revised SAT using the combined Critical Reading and Math score (effective March 2005) 
4. A score of 1240 on the New SAT using the combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score and Math score (effective May 2016-the Present) 

1. A score of combined score of 800 verbal and quantitative (prior to November, 2011) 
2. At least a score of 286 (November, 2011 – the present) 

5. Hold a valid out-of-state certificate in the content area 
6. Successfully completed three years of experience within the last seven years in one or a combination of specializations recognized on an out-of-state professional certificate valid during those three years 

PRAXIS Required Test Codes and Qualifying Scores 

1. Praxis ICore Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)
2. Praxis II – Content Test (see applicable endorsement area in table below)
3. Praxis PLT
(Applicants must take the appropriate programmatic level test) 

Praxis I – Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE)

Current Score Previous Score
5712 Reading
Available until August 31, 2020 
5713 Reading
Available Beginning September 1, 2019
5722 Writing
Available until August 31, 2020 
5723 Writing
Available Beginning September 1, 2019 
5732 Mathematics
Available until August 31, 2020 
5733 Mathematics
Available Beginning September 1, 2019 

Praxis II – Content Test

See applicable endorsement area in table below.

Current Score
Effective September 1, 2015
Previous Score
Effective Until August 31, 2015 
Elementary Education (K-6)
5001: Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects **Must obtain a passing score in each subsection5031 Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects** 
5002: Reading and Language Arts 157165
5032 Reading and Language Arts 
5003: Mathematics 157164
5033 Mathematics
5004: Social Studies 155155
5034 Social Studies
5005: Science159159
5035 Science
5203: Teaching Reading: Elementary Education*
(Available until September 1, 2020)
5205: Teaching Reading: Elementary Education*
(Available after September 1, 2019)
*A passing score on the 5301 Reading Specialist exam exempts this additional reading exam requirement. Educator must  have the Reading Specialist Endorsement.
English (5-Adult)
5038 English Language Arts: Content Knowledge167
General Science (5-Adult)
5435 General Science: Content Knowledge153
Mathematics (5-Adult)
5161 Mathematics: Content Knowledge (Calculator Required)160
Social Studies (5-Adult)
5081 Social Studies: Content Knowledge148
Multi-Categorical Special Education (BD, MI, SLD, EXCLUDING AUTISM)
5543 Education of Exceptional Students: Mild to Moderate 153

Praxis PLT

Applicants must take the appropriate programmatic level test.Current Score
5622 Principles of Learning & Teaching (K-6) OR 160
5623 Principles of Learning & Teaching (5-9) OR 160
5624 Principles of Learning & Teaching (7-12)157