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Student Life

Faculty Resources

Proctor make up exams

If a student needs to make up an exam, the faculty member can bring that exam to the student success center, and a SSC staff member will administer the exam in a quiet setting.

Require writing assistance

Faculty members can require students, as part of their course, to receive assistance on projects at the writing center.  You can view the walk-in tutoring schedule here, or we can schedule a few dates and times for our tutors to be available in the success center specifically for your class!  Email to request private class tutor times.  We will set up 2-3 hours/week (or more as needed/available) to accommodate your class.

Request a Success Session

If you have identified specific skills that multiple students in your class need to enhance, you can request a success session here.  An SSC staff member will present to your class a presentation on skills such as time management, test preparation, study skills, and more.  We encourage all success sessions be held in the SSC to introduce more students to the environment.

Refer a tutor 

At the SSC, we value your referrals.  For us to provide the best possible support to WU students, it is essential that we have the best possible peer tutors.  We can achieve this goal through your referrals. You can identify your best students and email We will contact the student based on your referral and provide them a peer tutor opportunity.

Refer a tutee

If you notice a student needs assistance in your course, you can refer a student to the student success center at any time.  Through the student, you can also request a report to receive updates on the session from the tutor.