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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented by Wheeling University to graduates who exemplify the ideals of extraordinary competence and personal compassion in their chosen field: ideals for which alumni of Wheeling University have long been known. It is now presented each year during Alumni Weekend.

1981George R. Blake ’67Public Communications
 Mary Kate Wittig Davitt, MD ’65Medicine
 John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D. ’61Industry
1982Charles Cuono, MD, Ph.D. ’65Medicine
 Elaine Runner Dungan, CPA ’73Public Accounting
1983Stephen E. Haid, Ph.D. ’63Education
 Derrick Latos, MD ’68Medicine
 Judith Noonan O’Brien ’65Law
1984William E. Cornforth ’72Education
 Dennis W. Keogh ’61 (posthumously)Public Service
 Sr. Marguerite O’Brien, CSJ ’66Religious Life
 Louis A. Volpe ’70Education
1985John S. Gasiorowski ’64Education
 Rev. Margaret B.C. Phillimore ’74Religious Life
 Edward J. Shahady, MD ’61Medicine
1986Anthony T. Basil, Ph.D. ’60Education
 Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D. ’64Health
 Michael A. Santer, Jr., MD ’61Medicine
1987Victoria A. Casey, Ph.D. ’76Clinical Psychology
 Hon. James T. Smith, Jr. ’64Law, Public Service
1988William P. Bresnahan, Esq. ’64Law
1989Stephen E. Hannig ’73Business
 Sr. Joanne Gonter, VHM ’59Education, Religious Life
1990Adam S. Monks, CPA ’64Public Accounting
1991Andrea DiPiero Santer ’62Education, Religious Life
1992Rev. Robert V. Arkle, Jr. ’62Education, Religious Life
 Rev. John DiBacco, Jr. ’62Education, Religious Life
1993Rev. Joseph M. Doyle ’60Education, Religious Life
 John Egan McAteer ’61Public Service
1994Kathleen M. Hawk, Ph.D. ’72Public Service
 Jane F. Exner ’80Medicine, Public Service
 Jack F. Noonan, Ph.D. ’63Education
1995J. Davitt McAteer, Esq. ’66Public Service, Government
 Daniel L. Haller, Esq. ’61Public Service, Law
 Cynthia Carr Rank ’65Public Service
1996M. Joan McDermott, Ph.D. ’70Criminal Justice
1997Lawrence E. Bandi ’86Business, Public Service
1998Christopher J. Searl ’87Education
1999Don M. Benson, MD ’61Medicine, Public Service
 Rosemary Vincentin Benson ’62Artist
 Robert E. Barker ’67Government, Public Service
2000C.T. O’Donnell II ’74Social Service
 Mary Gerkin McKinley ’77Nurse
2001Phillip Rusciolelli ’66Public Service, Military
 Barbara Davies Rusciolelli ’66Public Service, Military
 Lawrence R. Meagher ’65Health Care
 Suzanne E. Polen ’59Social Justice
2002John A. Glaser, Ph.D. ’66Scientific Research
 Donald R. Mercer, Ph.D. ’60Scientific Research
2003L. Thomas Marchlen, Esq. ’67Leadership, Business
 Timothy W. Daly ’67Leadership, Business
 Sisters of St. Joseph 
2004No award given 
2005Peter E. Daley Esq. ’66 (posthumously)Family Life
 Alexandra Stanish Daley ’67Family Life
 Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill ’69Education
2006John “Rick” Berthold ’59Education
 Michael L. Monahan, Esq. ’82Law
2007Mark F. Geary, Esq. ’62Law
 J’Ann Schoomaker Allen ’67Social Justice
 James D. Allen, Jr. ’67Social Justice
 George “Ged” Young, Jr. ’72Communications
2008Brian E. McCagh ’68Health Care
2009Mark Gresham ’84Publishing
 Sr. Karen A. Bland, OSB ’94Religious Life
2010Michael V Murphy ’70 (posthumously)Architecture
 Marybeth Murray Emmerth ’85Education
2011Vera Barton-Caro ’82Nursing
2012Kevin Kerrane ’62Education
 Patrick “PJ” Reindel ’02Social Service
2013Charlie Lloyd, Ph.D. ’63Education
 Dr. John Maris ’83Medicine
 Erin McDonald ’03Social Service
2014Robert Ritz ’84Medicine, Administrative
 Paul Abernathy ’01Social Services
2015Timothy Williams ’71 (posthumously)Law, Social Service
 Elizabeth (Beth) Bender ’85Education
2016Micahel Zuscik, Ph.D. ’87Education
 Sr. Kathleen Durkin ’71Education, Religious Life
2017Michael Zusick, Ph.D.Education
 Dr. Donald Benson ’92Research & Medicine
 Jim DiPiero ’67Service
2018Shirley Carter ’09Service
John J. Mensore ’60Business
2019Dr. Janet Huang Fitzpatrick ’89