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Student Life

McHugh Hall

McHugh Hall Includes:

Laundry: Six (6) Washers and Eight (8) Dryers located on Ground Floor
Lounges: 24 Hour Lounge located on Ground Floor; Study Lounges located on 2nd and 3rd Floors
Vending Machines: Located on Campion 1st Floor
Kitchen Facilities: Refrigerator and Microwave located on Ground Floor
Recreational Equipment: Pool Table McHugh Ground Floor; Television McHugh Ground Floor

Room Dimensions:

15’4″ W – 10’7″ L

Each Resident is Provided:

Furniture: Bed, Desk/Chair, Bureau, Dresser, Window Mini-Blinds
Carpeting: No
Air Conditioned: No
Mattress Size: Standard Twin (recommended to purchase twin, extra-long sheets)
Technology: Comcast cable/internet services – Bring cable cord for TV and wireless router for wireless internet connection
Restrooms: Community

Please Note: Outlets in McHugh Hall do not have a grounding terminal (i.e. they are 2-prong outlets). If you have electronic items that have 3-prongs, please purchase 2 to 3 prong adapters for your McHugh Hall room. These can be found at hardware stores or general stores.