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Campus Resources

Students at Wheeling University should never feel that they have to struggle alone. The university offers a wide range of resources to help students in a variety of ways. If students are not sure whom to approach for help, the Director for Undergraduate Student Success (DUSS) can help them connect with the appropriate resources. Students can meet with the Director or schedule their own appointments using the following links:

The Academics Resource Center (ARC)
The Academic Resource Center offers students free tutoring in a variety of subjects in addition to help with problems such as time management and study skills.

Bishop Hodges Library
Bishop Hodges Library provides access to research material for all academic disciplines and provides assistance in the research process through one-on-one instruction as well as classroom instruction.

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry welcomes persons of all religious faiths and backgrounds.

Campus Safety and Security
Campus Safety and Security assists students with issues related to safety.

Counseling Center
Licensed professional counselors offer education, assessment, intervention, outreach, consultation, and referral to other resources when necessary in confidenital context.

Disability Services, Kathy Tagg
Disabilities Services offers accommodations to students with documented disabilities to help them achieve academic success

Financial Aid Office
The Financial Aid Office assists students and their families in applying for and understanding their financial aid packages.

Health Center
The Health Center offers healthcare services here on campus or serves as a liaison for off-campus services.

Information Technology
Informational Technology provides campus-wide technology services.

Registrar’s Office
The Registrar’s Office offers a variety of forms and services with which all students should become familiar.

Student Accounts Office
The Student Accounts Office helps students and their families understand the billing process.

Title IX
Title IX coordinators deal with issues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence.