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Student Academic Records

For more details and categories visit our University Catalog or visit the link below for a full list of our Registrar’s Office Forms.


The transcript is the official academic record for scholastic achievement by a student at the University. It houses student information that includes the student’s name, identification number, courses taken with earned grades, grade point average, credits earned, and degree conferral. When the transcript is printed on security paper with the Registrar’s signature and school seal, it is then considered official. Most institutions will only accept official transcripts from the originating institution in a sealed envelope or via a secured electronic format.

Declaration of Major/Minor

A student after admittance to the University may decide to add or change either a major or minor to their program of study. In declaring a major and/or minor a student is then placed into the appropriate catalog for that program’s curriculum. More detailed information can be found in the University Catalog. To declare a major and/or minor please complete the Declaration of Major/Minor form.

Change of Information

A student is required to keep certain contact and demographic information up-to-date with the university. When there is a change to such information from what is currently on file, and then a student needs to complete the Change of Information form in order to stay in compliance. Additional documentation may be required for the change to be accepted such as a name change would require official court documentation as proof of a legal name change. Any corrections to a student’s social security number (SSN) or date of birth (DOB) would require state or federal documents as verification.

Transient Students (Transfer Credit)

Transient students are those who decide to take a course or semester at another institution with the goal to transfer the credits earned back to Wheeling University. Such students should complete the Transient form in order to assure the courses taken will in fact transfer back prior to registration of said courses. Otherwise any courses taken at other institution will be treated as potential transfer credit that must be evaluated properly before determination if the credit will be suitable for transfer.

Program Evaluations (Degree Audits)

Students are encouraged to run program evaluations regularly throughout the academic process to assure proper course sequence to degree completion. This can be done through the student’s portal on WebAdvisor under the Academic Profile with the Program Evaluation link. Also students are able to do “what if” to see if another program would be beneficial to add or switch. A completed Program Evaluation (Degree Audit) signals degree completion as long as the student meets all program and university requirements for graduation. See University Catalog for details for program and university requirements.


Upon conferral of a student’s degree, there is a diploma issued signifying the academic achievement for degree completion. Whereas this document does hold the University Seal and signatures of University Dignitaries, it does not constitute the official record of the degree. The official record for degrees earned is housed on the official transcript. The diploma is the award for successful completion of a degree for presentation. A duplicate diploma may be ordered if the original has been lost or damaged by submitting the Request for Duplicate Diploma.

Access to Student Records

Wheeling University abides by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However the student may allow a release of information or waiver to this policy through use of the FERPA Release form. Also a student has the right to access their file by requesting a copy, at which time the Registrar’s Office has 45 days to comply with the request. This means any documentation located within a student’s record would be copied and marked appropriately as such for the student to use. This does not mean a student can get reissued official documents, as all documents are considered unofficial and stamped “copy.” For further explanation of student record policies please refer to the University Catalog.