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Registration at WU

How to Register for Courses

If you are not already a current student, then please see Admissions. For all current students the preferred method of registration is use of your student portal located in Academus. From here you will log in to search and add courses to your schedule. In order to add a course to your schedule you must meet all prerequisites and restrictions. More detailed instructions on this process using WebAdvisor for course schedule can be found with the “How to Register” document. For students having issues using the online system the alternative method for registration is the Change of Enrollment form.

Academus on-line

Academus is the student portal to assist in various functions including: Financial Information, Financial Aid, Communication, Registration, and Academic Profile. For the purpose of Registration, a student can use this to add or drop course sections during the registration period via the course search. It will also display a student’s restrictions and advisor clearance. See above for “How to Register.”

Change of Enrollment

The Change of Enrollment form can be used in the processes of registration including adding, dropping, or withdrawing from course(s). Depending on the status of the registration period will determine if a course is dropped or withdrawn. Dropping a course means the course is removed from the active schedule with no record or tuition attached to it any longer. To withdraw from a course means that the course now has a recorded attempt that includes receiving a letter grade of W.

University Withdraw

When a student had decided to no longer attend Wheeling University without graduating, then communication is needed by that student of the intent to withdraw from the University. This can be done using the University Withdraw or Leave of Absence form.

Application for Non-Degree (Courses Only)

For students wishing to only take course(s) for other educational goals than completing a degree, then an Application for Non-Degree may be completed to take course(s) in a given semester for those educational goals. These goals may include professional development or transferring credits to another institution. A non-degree or courses only student is not eligible for any financial aid. If wishing to be degree seeking then go to Admissions.

Course Petition

The Course Petition form is to be completed by student wishing to participate in a course in which that student does not meet particular requirements such as prerequisite(s), course level, time conflicts, semester credit hour maximum, or repeated attempt of the course.

Independent Study / Tutorial Credit

For students needing course credit in a particular semester when a course is either not being offered during that semester or due to time conflicts with current offerings. The course in question must be part of the catalog of courses for the University and have all appropriate signatures for approval before the end of the enrollment period. More details are found within the Independent Study / Tutorial Credit packet needed for registration.


The process for registering for an internship is handled through the Career Services office. The Internship packet must be completed in its entirety with all approved signatures before the Registrar’s Office may register the student into the appropriate course.