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Summer of Purpose

Incoming Students

Discounted online course bundles can JUMP START your Wheeling University educational experience from home this summer! 

10% off of one class (3 credits) OR 25% off of 2 classes (6 credits) 

Wheeling University’s Summer of Purpose  is making it easy for incoming Wheeling students to get a jump start on classes from home this summer with a dynamic collection of discounted online course bundles.

Summer 2021 classes will be taught by Wheeling faculty in a Catholic environment fostered by the tradition of a Wheeling University education. In addition, students will learn alongside new friends who will be a part of their lives on campus.

May Term

May 4 – June 7, 2021
(able to enroll through May 20th)

BIOL-151-80Anatomy Lab
BUSN-161-80Start Up Business Design & Planning
CHEM-109-80Chemistry for Non-Science Major
CHEM-142-80General Chemistry Lab I
EDUC-161-80Online Teaching Strategies
ENGL-161-81Mindfulness: Readings & Practice
EXSC-261-80Div. & Inclusion Sports Management
EXSC/HIST-261-81History Special/Para Olympics
GSCI-161-80Earth Science
GSCI-161-81It Rocks: Exploring Geology
INFO-161-80Learn to Code
MATH-101-80Algebra Review
PSYC-161-80Psychology of Coaching
SOCI-261-80Globalization in the 21st Century
SPAN-161-80Spanish Culture

Summer Session III

May 10 – August 20, 2021

BIOL-101-80Medical Terminology
CHEM-109-80Chemistry for Non-Science Major
CHEM-142-80General Chemistry Lab I
MATH 235Discrete Mathematics
MEL-540-80School Resource Management
MEL-555-80Meeting Unique Learning Needs
MEL-600-80Systems Thinking for Educators
MSN-500-80Nursing Theories
MSN-501-80Advanced Nursing Research
MSN-530-80Advanced Pathophysiology
MSN-565C-80APN:PC Infant, Child, Adolescent
MSN-565D-80APN:PC Infant, Child, Adolescent
MSN-566C-80APN:PC of Reproductive Health
MSN-566D-80APN:PC of Reproductive Health
MSN-569-80Advanced Practice Role Semi
NURS-227-80Clinical Nutrition
NURS-280-80Chemistry for Nursing
NURS-435-80Nursing in Chronic Care
NURS-440-80Health Promotion-Disease Preventative

Summer Session I

May 10 – June 26, 2021

BIOL-150-80Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-151-80Anatomy Lab
BUSN-325-80Organizational Leadership
COMM-115-80Principles of Professional Speaking
CRJU-327-80Comparative Systems of Justice and Society
EDUC-210-80Educational Technology
EDUC-231-80Schools and Communities
EDUC-310-80Secondary English/Language Arts
EDUC-311-80Secondary Math & Science
EDUC-312-80Secondary Social Studies
EDUC-320-80The Special Education Process
EDUC-333C-80Exceptionalities & Diversities
EDUC-334-80Reading in Content Area
EDUC-422-80Sped: Assessment & Methods
ENGL-110-80Process of Composition
EXSC-330-80Nutrition in Sport & Exercise
MBA-512-80Operations Management
MBA-548-80Labor-Management Relations
MBA-599-80Negotiation and Conflict Management
MEL-525-80Psychology Student Engagement
MEL-530-80Transformational Leadership
MEL-565-80Differentiating Instruction
MEL-590-80Professional Development Design
MSN-503-80Health Care Policies & Politics
MSN-528-80Comm & Interpersonal Relations
PHIL-115-80Philosophy of the Human Person
PSYC-110-80General Psychology
PSYC-130-80States of Consciousness
PSYC-212-80Developmental Psychology
SOCI-121-80World Community
SPAN-161-80Hispanic Civilization and Culture

Summer Session II

July 6 – August 22, 2021

BIOL-151-80Anatomy Lab
CRJU-121-80Introduction to the Criminal Systems
CRJU-330-80Criminal Profiling
EDUC-325-80Diagnosis and Correction
ENGL-161-80All the Worlds A Stage: American Drama
GEOG-121-80World Geography
HIST-115-80The 20th Century
MATH-109-80College Algebra & Prob Solving
MATH-115-80Introduction to Statistics
MBA-503-80Ethical Environment of Business
MBA-530-80Management of Organizations & Human Resources
MBA-539-80Information Systems
MEL-500-80Global Teaching & Learning
MEL-510-80Communications & Negotiation in Education
MSN-533-80Health Promotion
NURS-450-80Clinical Practicum II
PSYC-115-80Statistics for Behavioral Science
PSYC-216-80Adolescent Psychology
PSYC-340-80Abnormal Psychology

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