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Summer of Purpose

Current Students

Discounted online summer course bundles are a great way to EXPERIENCE MORE and pick up classes that help you advance towards graduation — possibly even a semester or more earlier. 

Wheeling’s Summer of Purpose brings a dynamic collection of discounted course bundles to undergraduate students in an online environment to help them advance toward their academic goals.

During summer 2020 classes, students will learn from Wheeling faculty alongside fellow Wheeling students in a Catholic environment fostered by the tradition of a Wheeling University education. Students will also have the assurance that these classes are helping them progress towards graduation — possibly even a semester or more earlier.

Summer of Purpose Bundles

10% off of one class (3 credits)
25% off of 2 classes (6 credits) 

SUMMER SESSION I:  May 11 – June 26 
(able to enroll through May 20th)

BUSN 212Principles of Marketing
ENGL 110 Process of Composition
ENGL-150-80Conflict & Culture in Lit.
GSCI 115Integrative Sciences I
PHIL 115Philosophy of the Human Person
PSYC-110-80General Psychology
PSYC-212-80Developmental Psychology
SOCI-121-80World Community

SUMMER SESSION II:  June 29 – August 14

CRJU-327-80Comp. Sys. of Just. & Soc.
CRJU-330-80Criminal Profiling – Serial Killers & Mass Murders      
ENGL-115W-80Explorations in Literature
HIST-115-80The 20th Century
MATH-109-80College Algebra & Prob Solv
MATH-115-80Intro. to Statistics
PSYC-216-80Adolescent Psychology

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Summer of Purpose discounts apply to summer courses that help you make progress toward your degree.