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Engineering & Construction Management

Engineering Science

Major | Minor

Provides students with a rigorous, career-focused program aligned with the fields of electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering, applied technology, and construction management. The curriculum is also designed for students seeking post-graduation professional licensure or future graduate study.

Construction Management Essentials

Professional Certificate

Prepares student in and out of the Construction Management industry for job opportunities as residential builders and contractors; trade contractors, in civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, and plumbing firms or other companies, government agencies, and organizations involved in the construction of the built environment. It also provides a pathway for completing a BS in Construction Management, BS in Engineering Science, BS in Business Administration, and other related fields.

Geographic Information Systems

Professional Certificate

Prepares students gather satellite images, government databases, and other informational data sources to configure and model 3-D maps and other visualizations to guide corporate, public, and community planning and development actions and services.

Pre-Engineering Science Track

Allows students to explore engineering careers and professional development.